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Club Car prior to 1981 placed the serial number under the seat on the I-beam frame section closest to the batteries on the driver’s side of the car. If your serial number plate is missing or illegible, you can at least narrow down the year of your cart by looking at the pedals. Models between 1975-1980 will have two brake pedals – one to stop the car and the second on the extreme left side used to park the cart on a hill.

In 1982 the DS Club Car model was introduced, and along with this major design change, they began placing the serial number plate under the glove box on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Mid-year 2000 brought several design changes to the DS. The industry refers to this as a ‘split year.’ The roof struts changed from silver aluminium to a black powder coating, and the front seat back changed from two separate seat backs to a full seat back.  A third significant change was the roof which became thicker and with the addition of handles on each side.  Interesting side note, rumor has it that Club Car eventually moved its roof handles to the inside portion of the roof to provide more hand protection for its riders, reducing the chances of obtaining scratches on their hands while navigating in and around brushy areas while searching for lost golf balls. Although it may be rumor – it seems to make a lot of sense!

In 2004, Club Car came out with the Precedent Model in addition to the DS model.  The Precedent has two ‘sub’ models known as the Champion or Professional. The easiest way to tell these models apart is by looking at the steering wheel. If your cart has a square center it is a Professional, and if its round you have a Champion. The serial number plates on the Precedents can be found either on the passenger side below the passenger side cup holder, or on the passenger side on the inner dash.